Pool Decks

Pool Decking Advice

Decking around pools does look fantastic, but there are some things to look out for. Never use timber as a coping for the pool. In concrete or fibreglass in ground pools, there should always be a coping of a different material.

Examples of copings would be sandstone, pebblecrete or pavers. The timber deck should always finish flush with the coping, but there should be a small gap of around 3mm to ensure that the coping is not affected by the timber bleeding.

In above ground pools with a liner, the timber deck should always finish under the metal coping. This is to ensure that when the pool liner needs to be replaced, the metal coping can be taken off and the liner removed and replaced without disturbing the deck.

It is also very important to use stainless steel screws and not nails as the nails have a tendency to work themselves loose.

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